Our Story

Frank Geefay

Frank has always been a champion of human potential, having overcome many challenges throughout his own life.  Frank grew up with several undiagnosed academic and social issues, during a time when such conditions were not very well understood nor addressed.  He struggled through school and was often dismissed because of his inability to fit into the traditional classroom setting.  It was only much later in life that he came to understand these struggles as possible symptoms of dyslexia and the autism spectrum.

In spite of these challenges, his persistence paid off, and he enjoyed over three decades as a Research & Development Engineer.  Now in his retirement, Frank is grateful for his family and all of his successes.  His personal struggles have given him compassion for victims of injustice, and he hopes to use his time and resources towards improving lives.

His love of science has also influences his great concern for the health of the earth.  As such, he believes that building a better future for people includes attending to the sustainability of our environment.


Karen Geefay

Karen has been involved in her local community for several decades.  Growing up in China and Taiwan during periods of great political change, she became aware of how quickly and dramatically people's life circumstances can change.  She understands the importance of coming together as a community and shares her husband's compassion for those in need.  She has served in various capacities to help support ailing and elderly members of the community, improve education in the local school district, and increase minority representation on school boards and city councils.  With the foundation established, she is excited to work with her husband for a better world.

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